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    • John Mathew
    • 02 . 12 . 2016
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    And so when you are setting up a new site or trying out a new theme, it can be very handy to have some of this sample content around. It sure beats writing, “This is a test.” over and over and over.

    However, even copying and pasting this text can become a bore if you need to do it more than a few times. A perfect solution, then, would be a plugin that automatically adds it for you. And because we’re dealing with WordPress, of course you know that someone has already thought of it.

    • It adds six types of posts:
    • Multiple Paragraph Posts
    • Image Post
    • UL and OL Post
    • Blockquote Post
    • Post with links
    • Post with Header tags H1 through H5
    • Allows you to remove all the added content with one click
    • Formats posts with different styles